Business Change

Undergoing a business transformation?


As qualified practitioners in Change Management, our Business Change Management Consultancy covers the full spectrum. We are experts in anything from organisational design to process and culture change. We make sure the change is embedded.


What is Business Change and Change Management? To answer this we first must look at the rationale for change. In recent times the pace of change in the business environment is continuously becoming more rapid, as a result of a variety of factors, such as the constant innovation of technology, dramatic changes to the economic environment, evolving regulation, as well as increasing global competition. As a consequence, this results in a shift to consumer behaviour and demand, a shift in resource usage and production processes, and these are clearly changes that an organisation cannot control.

The faster and more effectively a company adapts to changes the better the competitive advantage it has and importantly, the more likely it is to survive and even thrive. Undoubtedly companies that refuse or significantly delay the change will get left behind and even disappear. Examples of this include the famous High Street names like Woolworth’s and HMV.

Business Change then is the adaptation an organisation goes through as a response to these drivers for change. It says nothing about how effectively the change is being delivered nor whether the change is what will ultimately make the company succeed. Change Management is the structured methodology for dealing with business change and has three parts to it, that of proactively managing (1) Individual Change
(2) Team Change (3) Organisational Change. Change Management, therefore, is necessary if an organisation is to adapt to and control and affect the target changes successfully.

Our Approach

As change has to do with the way things work in an organisation and how these impact the product or service and the resulting customer experience, change can only be effective where the change has been defined in terms of all aspects of the organisation, from its Mission and values to its processes and structures. This is why we have created the Change Management Framework©, a template for an organisation to define what the future should look like. Once the change has been defined then we use standard change techniques and communication together with Programme Management to make sure the change is delivered successfully.

The Change Management Framework© has four components:

  1. Brand & Mission: Ensure the brand & mission are up to date and specific enough to drive the required changes
  2. Values & Behaviours: Clarify the values & behaviours needed to bring the Brand and the Mission to life.
  3. Ways of Working: Define ways of working in terms of:
    a. Staff, Organisation Structure, Skills
    b. Processes, Policies
    c. Facilities, Fittings
    d. IT systems, Data
  4. Customer Experience: Define the target Customer Experience and outcome resulting from all the above.

Acceler8 Business Change Framework