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Our Services

Problem Resolution & Recovery

Every business has issues. The question is how do they get resolved? Here at Acceler8, we have a best practice approach to resolving issues quickly and effectively. We can also introduce your people to this approach, which as a result, will make your company self-sufficient.

Business Strategy

Success is directly linked to reputation, which in turn depends on how satisfied your customers are with your products and services for the price they have paid. Profitability is driven by your sales volume and price margin which in turn depend on your marketing and cost base. Our Business Strategy Consulting service can help you get this equation right and support you to take your business forward.

Delivery & Governance

We deliver a range of Portfolio Management, Programme Management, Project Delivery and Governance services that will increase your ROI and meet changing business needs.

Business Change & Process Reengineering

Undergoing a business transformation? As qualified practitioners in Change Management, our Business Change Management Consultancy covers the full spectrum of change. We are experts in anything from organisational design to process and culture change and therefore we make sure the change is both successful and embedded.

High Performing Teams

Are you looking to deliver a new initiative? Are you concerned you may not necessarily have the expertise or bandwidth internally within your business to deliver the Programme? Then you need our ready-formed business consultancy programme team to implement the project delivery for you.

Customer Experience

Do you know how customers are treated by your company? Do your staff know their impact? By operating a seamless customer experience it will enhance your businesses reputation. With our Customer Experience Management Consultancy service we can support the delivery of these changes effectively and efficiently. In turn, this will reduce your costs, as well as enhance your customer satisfaction and profitability.

Swift Services

Delivering more agile and quick responses and services – we fit the approach to your timescales with 1 week to address and resolve a problem or deliver a plan for its resolution. We provide light-touch services that deliver value without the overhead.

Value-add Services

We can also take a more flexible and focused approach to enable businesses to benefit from professional support, with emphasis on lower cost by providing clearly defined service packages focused on your need.

Data & Analytics

We get to understand your business and your data to extract the insight and intelligence you need to drive your business forward.

Deliver Solutions & Change

We are experts in anything from organisational design to process and culture change, from delivery on new IT solutions to making new buildings and operations ready for business. And we make sure the change is successful and embedded.