Swift Services

Fast, timeboxed review, analysis, recommendation and action


Portfolio Juggling: Do you have competing needs and demand for more projects than available funds? We analyse your demand and optimise your investment portfolio to make the best use of your available funds.

Business Case Writing: Do you need funding approval for your key change? Our team can guide and support you in creating a business case, forming the financial case and ROI, scoping, planning resources and building a compelling story.

Health Checks

If you have concerns about the quality and efficiency of how things are done, or whether the deliverables meet your requirements, we offer a range of health checks to help you quickly assess where the problems lie and what to do to resolve them.

Service and contract/RFP review & validation: Do you have service issues? Are you concerned about how you contract or select a supplier? With the expertise that comes from reviewing and putting in place thousands of contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds, we can ensure all of your requirements are correctly reflected so the selected supplier is the right choice and is in a position to deliver the correct outcomes for you and your customers.

Governance effectiveness review & assessment: Is your governance too bureaucratic and slowing you down, or too ineffective to stop wasting resources & cash, or mitigate risks? We are experts at getting the right balance between control and speed while making sure the governance suits your company’s culture and journey.

Business Requirements review & assessment: Do you have a new project you are scoping or initiating? We can support your business requirements activity to ensure you capture the right inputs and ensure the requirements are clear, unambiguous, concise, testable, feasible and complete thus avoiding the usual cost escalations from unclear requirements.

Technical Design review: The cost of a design error increases exponentially as the project gets closer to implementation. At Acceler8 we bring together the expertise needed to review a Technical Design and make sure it is fit for purpose and feasible ahead of spending on development and implementation, ensuring that development investment is well spent.

Solution review: Have you implemented solutions that are not meeting expectations? We draw upon our experience from hundreds of successful projects to identify the causes of failure and define the corrective and preventative measures to deliver the results you target and the smoothest user experience.

Business readiness assessment: Have you got a big change coming in your business? Are you concerned about the risks involved and looking for some assurance on your plans? We can assess and form your readiness checklists and activity to ensure you and your teams are ready for the new way of working. We have run major facility, technology and business change events and have the expertise to ensure your business is ready for the change.

"Help I have a problem"

Understand risks and issues: Do you have risks and issues that are impeding the progress of your projects or achieving the benefits you need? We get to the root cause and put in place the right actions and processes to keep on top of and resolve your risks & issues.

Quick fixes: Do you have a problem that needs urgent attention? We assess the problem, quickly identify the causes and put in place corrective measures to resolve it.

Permanent fixes: Do you have a problem that keeps coming up? We assess and verify the root causes and put in place corrective and preventative measures to stop it from reoccurring.

Workshop Facilitation: Solving problems quickly requires bringing many views together to get a common and rounded understanding of what’s gone wrong and how to fix it and this calls for a workshop. A workshop’s success depends on gaining the attention of all participants and enabling them to collaborate, contribute and listen in equal measure. You’ll need someone like us to keep the interest and energy in the room going to keep pace to complete in time.

Training: Are you and your team keen to develop your skills in project delivery, planning, risk management or system migration? Our Team can offer training in the application of key project principles with a tailored course for your needs.

Mentoring and Career Development: Are you new to project delivery or accountable for a business area that you want to change? Our team has a blend of Project, PMO, Programme Director, and Business Change professionals that can provide long-term mentoring on an external basis to help you plan both where you want your project work to go as well as build your personal capability for your career development and achieve your long-term goals.

Action Time

Clear Plan: Are you concerned your plans won’t deliver what you need? Do you need to de-risk your delivery? We review, validate and reconstruct your project or programme plan with a clear structure and critical path that ensures delivery.

Coordinated Delivery: Coordinating delivery in complex operational environments can be a mammoth task and difficult to get right. At Acceler8 we have developed methods and expertise of delivering change while minimising the operational impact by inverting the focus from ‘the project’ to the operation and the customer.

Transition services to stable state: Are Are you having challenges introducing new services or transitioning services to new teams or suppliers?  Transition is a key part of any change to a service. It ensures that everything built and designed is working as planned and meeting the service levels you expect and we help you achieve this through carefully articulated transition plans and measures.

Cutover and go-live of new solutions: Is the prospect of a major implementation keeping you awake? Smooth cutovers and the go-live of major systems require careful planning, risk management, testing, checking and foresight. We have a track record of producing successful cutover plans quickly and the expertise to run successful cutovers. We ensure your business operations are not impacted and first impressions of the service meet user and customer expectations.

Migrate to new infrastructure: Are you about to migrate to infrastructure and need to ensure it goes smoothly? Having delivered migrations with over 1000 changes that over 100,000 staff and millions of worldwide customers use, we have the attention to detail to deliver your change smoothly.