Business Change & Process Reengineering

Where solutions need to meet process and culture

Business Change

Are you undergoing a business transformation? As qualified practitioners in Change Management we cover the full spectrum from organisational design to process and culture change, and what’s more we make sure the change is embedded and working.

Process Engineering

Are your processes time consuming and take longer than your customers expect? Do you need to improve quality and reduce cost?

Like any engine, the efficiency, reliability and output of any process is down to its design. We work with your people on the ground to make your processes Lean and your organisation effective delivering higher service levels while reducing operating costs.

Team Building

Do you lack resources or a suitable working dynamic? We work with your teams and suppliers, complementing your capabilities and building a high-performance way of working.


Are you faced with a challenge in the workplace and would like guiding through this? We can provide short-term task-focused coaching to help you achieve a successful outcome.

Workshop Facilitation

Do you find that workshops often don’t meet their objectives? Whether the purpose of a workshop is to innovate, solve a problem, produce a plan, or any other outcome, its success depends on gaining the attention of all participants and enabling them to collaborate, contribute and listen in equal measure.

You’ll need someone like us to keep the interest and energy in the room going to keep pace to complete in time.

Service Transition

Introducing new services or transitioning services to new teams or suppliers usually comes with headaches.

Transition is a key part of any new or change to a service to ensure that everything built and designed is working as planned and meeting the service levels you expect.

We ensure the right skills and processes are in place through carefully articulated transition plans and measures.