Value-add Services

Defined service packages focused on your need


Business and Strategy Consultancy: Success is directly linked to reputation, which in turn depends on how satisfied your customers are with your products and services for the price they have paid. We help you get this equation right and take your business forward.

Operating Model Development: Do you have operational, efficiency or performance challenges? Do you need to adapt to a changing marketplace? We design integrated operating models that will meet your business needs and are practical to deliver.

Organisational Design (OD): Are you about to embark on a restructure? Many restructures fail to achieve the benefits they set out to deliver. We have a proven practice that designs and builds the capabilities you need to sustain delivering the benefits on an ongoing basis.

Process Engineering: Are your processes time-consuming and take longer than your customers expect? Do you need to improve quality and reduce cost? Like any engine, the efficiency, reliability and output of any process are down to its design. We work with your people on the ground to make your processes Lean and your organisation effective, delivering higher service levels while reducing operating costs.

Customer Experience: Do you know how your customers get treated by your company? Do your staff know their impact? A seamless customer experience will enhance your reputation and keep customers returning – we can help you deliver this experience while reducing your costs.


Portfolio Management/Operation: Are you finding it difficult to get consensus? How do you balance strategic priorities with regulatory requirements? We deliver PPM that will increase your ROI, resolves the prioritisation puzzle, meet regulatory and commercial requirements while having inbuilt flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

Business Case Construction: Do you know what you need to do but are struggling to make the case work? Are you unsure of how to realise the benefits or that you have captured all the costs? Is there resistance or lack of stakeholder support for what should be an obvious cause? We bring the science and the art in constructing business cases that work and that people can understand and support.

Quality Control: Do you find inconsistencies in your products or services? Is customer feedback mixed or contradictory? Getting a product or service right is one thing. Getting it right consistently day in day out is another. Every manufacturing or service process has minor variations which can end up causing significant deviation in the outcome. We get to understand your processes and design checks and quality controls that are efficient in themselves and deliver consistent quality targets.

"Help I have a problem"

Risk Management: Is your business ready to deal with unforeseen events? These can seriously impact your effectiveness and profitability. We have an approach that increases your ability to respond to the unknown as it happens.

Issue Resolution: Every business has issues. The question is whether they get resolved and without causing an adverse knock-on effect? We have a best practice approach to resolving issues quickly and effectively. And we proud ourselves in introducing your people to our approach making your company self-sufficient.

Coaching: Are you faced with a challenge in the workplace and would like guiding through this? We can provide short-term task-focused coaching to help you achieve a successful outcome.

Take Action

Restart or start up a project or programme: The success or failure of projects and programmes can often be traced to their beginnings. If you want to mobilise quickly and set your project or programme for success then this is the service option for you.

Reshape and recover a project or programme: Do you have a failed project or programme you can’t afford to scrap? Having recovered dozens of projects across many industries and functions we can help you get things back on track within weeks.

Project/programme reporting: Would you like to see a clearer picture of the status of your project? We can support you by assessing your reporting needs and guide you on cadence, format and content, tracking key milestones and risks that could derail your project and providing metrics that show the value delivered.

Business resilience scenario planning: Are you sure your business is prepared for random disruptive events? Your ability to respond to such situations that ensures your services are running when your customers need them is vital to capture their future custom and loyalty. We help you identify key points of failure and design the resilience you need.