Delivery & Governance

Portfolio, Programme & Project Management

Project or Programme Teams

Are you looking to deliver a new initiative, project, or programme? Do you have all the expertise and bandwidth your need internally? Are you losing too much time building a team that can work together?

What you need is a ready-formed programme team to implement the project delivery for you.

Portfolio Management

Do you have competing needs and demand for more projects than available funds? Are you finding it difficult to get a consensus? How do you balance strategic priorities with regulatory requirements?

We deliver PPM that will increase your ROI, resolve the prioritisation puzzle, meet regulatory and commercial requirements while having inbuilt flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

Programme Management

Do you need to manage uncertainty while delivering your programme’s objectives? Our risk-based approach is compatible with any organisation’s preferred methodology and has been developed to ensure successful delivery of IT systems, infrastructure, and business change to achieve your business goals.

Project Management

Are you struggling to deliver your projects within the four constraints of time, cost, quality and scope? We can acceler8 the delivery of your projects and save costs without compromise on quality and scope.

Project & Programme Recovery

It’s one thing to set-up and run a project or programme, it is a very different thing to recover a failing one. The level of expertise, team building and reputation building needed is something that only comes with the experience of having done this successfully many times.

Governance Design & Maturing

Is your governance too bureaucratic and slowing you down, or too ineffective to stop wasting resources & cash, or mitigate risks? We are experts at getting the right balance between control and speed while making sure the governance suits your company’s culture and journey.

Business Case Construction

Do you know what you need to do but are struggling to make the case work? Are you unsure of how to realise the benefits or that you have captured all the costs? Is there resistance or lack of stakeholder support for what should be an obvious case? We bring the science and the art in constructing business cases that work and that people can understand and support.

Project/programme reporting

Would you like to see a clearer picture of the status of your project? We can support you by assessing your reporting needs and help to guide you on a regular cadence of consistent status reporting, highlighting progress against key milestones, tracking key risks that could derail your project, and providing metrics that show the value delivered. 

Test Management

Are you rolling out changes or new capability to your business? Forming and executing robust testing plans is key to ensuring a successful outcome for this change. With our broad industry and project experience we structure and define the right testing needed.

Solution Cutover and go-live

Is the prospect of a major implementation keeping you awake? Smooth cutovers and the go-live of major systems require careful planning, risk management, testing, checking and foresight.

We have the expertise to run cutovers within 15 minutes tracking accuracy, ensuring your business operations are not impacted and first impressions of the service meet user and customer expectations.

Infrastructure Migration

Are you moving services to the Cloud, upgrading your Data Centre or your firewalls? Migrating infrastructure smoothly without causing disruption to your operations requires meticulous planning, robust testing and excellent coordination.

Having delivered migrations with over 1000 changes that over 100,000 staff and millions of worldwide customers use, we have the attention to detail to deliver your change smoothly.