Video Consultancy Tips

Series of video consultancy tips with the intention of sharing our knowledge and expertise with you

High performing programme team

Are you looking to deliver a new initiative, but may not necessarily have the expertise or bandwidth internally within your business to deliver the Programme? Then you need a ready-formed programme team to implement the project delivery for you. Often companies onboard individuals to make up a programme and without knowing it, lose a lot of time and productivity in getting the new resources to work out how to work together effectively. This hidden cost can be avoided by onboarding a ready-formed team like ours.


Defining operating models in the international arena

Effective communication leads to confidence in securing long-term relationships and by taking this approach one step further, businesses must understand and manage risk through improved operational efficiency. This with increased integration and greater global coordination balanced allows for regional fine-tuning within their organisations. These are elements that can be addressed using a global business strategy – often called Operating Model Effectiveness (OME).

7 ways to ensure effective customer experience strategy

Customer expectations are continually rising. And faster than the speed that companies can adapt their methodologies to improve their customer experience. It’s quite apparent that customers expect every interaction to be the best experience they can have with any company. So, we ask the question… How can your organisation create a great customer experience?

Transformation Programmes

Many transformation programmes require management and completion of complex tasks, combined with large sub-projects. Some of these are more time-sensitive than others, hence why teams generally use a form of tracking. Using trackers, in Jira, Excel, or otherwise, to highlight overdue tasks is only the start.

If you need to achieve programme success, you need to dig deeper.