Business Strategy

Getting the equation of your business right

Business and Strategy Consultancy:

Success is directly linked to reputation, which in turn depends on how satisfied your customers are with your products and services for the price they have paid. We help you get this equation right and take your business forward.

Operating Model Development

Do you have operational, efficiency or performance challenges? Do you need to adapt to a changing marketplace? Operating models are often good on paper but hard to turn into reality.

We design integrated operating models that will meet your business needs and are practical to deliver by using people and lean-based principles from the outset and addressing the difficult questions that often get put aside ‘for later’.

Organisational Design

Many restructures fail to achieve the benefits they set out to deliver. The reason is that Organisational Design is not about names in a box and who reports to who. It is about designing and building the capabilities you need to sustain delivering the benefits on an ongoing basis. We have a proven practice that does just that.

Business resilience scenario planning

Are you sure your business is prepared for random disruptive events? Your ability to respond to such situations that ensure your services are running when your customers need them is really important to capture their future custom and loyalty. To achieve this we help you identify key points of failure and design the resilience you need.