Audit & Quality Control

Deliver consistent quality targets

Project or Programme Audit

Are you undertaking a major investment and need to know the health of how the project or programme delivering the investment is operating? We bring decades of cross-industry experience successfully delivering over £1bn of benefits for our clients.

With that comes an eye for what works and what doesn’t work.

We are experts at getting the right balance between control and speed while making sure the governance suits your organisation’s culture and journey. With this expertise, we can run one-off or ongoing audits that find what you need to change to ensure your investment achieves your target returns.

Project or Programme Review

Do you have challenges with any of your projects or programmes? Are you concerned that you might not achieve the benefits?

Having successfully delivered across many industries and all manner of change and having recovered failed projects and programmes, we can review any project or programme of concern.

We establish expertise, processes, and ways of working to ensure your business achieves the intended benefits.

Quality Control

Do you find inconsistencies in your products or services? Is customer feedback mixed or contradictory?

Getting a product or service right is one thing. Getting it right consistently day in day out is another.

Every manufacturing or service process has minor variations which can end up causing significant deviation in the outcome – we’ve all had those experiences of a failed product, a heavily delayed journey, or an abrupt service.

At Acceler8 we get to understand your processes and design checks and quality controls that are efficient in themselves and deliver consistent quality targets.