Problem Resolution & Recovery

Define, Evaluate, Solve and Execute

Issue Resolution

Every business has issues. The question is whether they get resolved and without causing an adverse knock-on effect? We have a best practice iterative approach to resolving issues quickly and effectively. It’s a refinement to 6Sigma methods and we pride ourselves in introducing your people to our approach making your company self-sufficient.

Risk Management

Is your business ready to deal with unforeseen events? These can seriously impact your effectiveness and profitability. We have an approach that increases your ability to respond to the unknown as it happens.

Data & Analytics

Information, Insight or Intelligence? Are you struggling to extract reliable and regular insight and intelligence from the data and information you hold? If as the old adage says information is power, insight is opportunity for growth and intelligence is success. At Acceler8 we get to understand your business and your data to extract the insight and intelligence you need to drive your business forward.