Do you know how your customers get treated by your company? Do your staff know their impact? By operating a seamless customer experience it will enhance your businesses reputation, and with our Customer Experience Management Consultancy service we can help you deliver these changes effectively and efficiently while reducing your costs, as well as enhancing your profitability.


A company’s profitability is heavily driven by its reputation and reputation depends on the customer experience. But what is Customer Experience? There are many definitions out there some of which get very sophisticated. However, the simplest definition, as defined by Forrester  and posted on the Forrester blog by Harley Manning on 23 November 2010, is

forrester logo“How customers perceive their interactions with your company”.

At the end of the day ‘perception is reality’ and therefore Customer Experience covers all interactions with customers, from TV advertising and direct marketing to using the product or service and any post sale customer service. If a company creates an accurate expectation of what it delivers and delivers that in good value, then customer will positively perceive the product or service which contributes to the reputation of the company.

Customer Experience Management Consultancy – Our Approach

We use our 7 Steps to Customer Advocacy © to deliver the right customer experience for your organisation. The 7 steps are:


(1) Listen to what customers are saying
(2) Decide where your company wants to be positioned on the Customer Experience Matrix ©
(3) Be creative with what that means
(4) Design what the customer experience actually looks like through ALL interactions
(5) Pilot
(6) Implement
(7) Measure and improve

Remember, the right customer experience is linked to your brand and strategy. So the aim is to create an accurate expectation and then deliver that expectation as efficiently as is possible.