Are your processes efficient? Do you need to improve quality and reduce cost? As part of our Process Engineering Consulting services, we work with your people on the ground to make your processes Lean and as a result – your organisation more effective.


Firstly, there are many different terms and definitions for Process Engineering. Generally speaking, Process Engineering (also called Process Systems Engineering) is the design, operation, control, and optimisation of industrial and business processes. On the other hand, Process Reengineering (more commonly called Business Process Reengineering, BPR) focuses on the radical redesign of business processes to achieve substantial improvement in quality, cycle time, reliability, efficiency, productivity and/or performance.

Process Engineering Consulting Services – Our Approach

Here at Acceler8, we have a self-explanatory approach to reengineering any business process. Whether it is a production, an operational, a support or a control process. It derives from the best of Six Sigma and Lean, following six steps akin to our approach to issue resolution.

We call it Accelerated Process Engineering© because it enables a business to get to the source of the issues and introduce sustainable improvements quickly and effectively.

The six steps of the approach are:

  1. Define objectives and scope
  2. Evaluate As-Is processes
  3. Redesign To-Be processes
  4. Pilot and Implement
  5. Measure and refine
  6. Sustain and service

As each organisation is unique, the emphasis on each step can vary to suit your needs.

On completion of the work, the business will have the capability to sustain and service the new processes. As a result, this goes with our objective of helping our clients be self-sufficient.