Do you have competing needs and demand for more projects than available funds?  Are you finding it difficult to get a consensus? We deliver PPM that will increase your ROI and meet changing business needs. Find out more on our Project Portfolio Management services, and how it can help your business below.


The term Portfolio is used to describe the total set of programmes and stand-alone projects undertaken by an organisation. This can amount to a significant annual investment by an organisation. Therefore, it needs a disciplined approach to managing the portfolio to achieve the best outcome for your investment. Therefore Portfolio Management which is also known as PPM (Project Portfolio Management) is, as defined by APM the Association of Project Management

Association of Project Management


“the selection, prioritisation and control of an organisation’s projects and programmes in line with its strategic objectives and capacity to deliver.”

Project Portfolio Management Services – Our Approach

Portfolio Management is often promoted by many consultancies as a toolkit focusing on use of some software and a set of processes. The ‘hard’ requirements. In reality though portfolio management involves prioritisation and the allocation of funds and therefore is driven by behaviours. To change behaviours requires changes in the overall environment that people operate in, the ‘soft’ requirements.

PMO Executive Council

Since portfolios are a form of investment by organisations, Acceler8 Consultancy has developed a best practice Strategic Portfolio Management © Approach (a version of which was published in 2008 by the  PMO Executive Council) that has learnt from the best of Financial Services Investment Management. This approach incorporates ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ requirements with the mnemonic SOFT SPORT ©.

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