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Success is directly linked to reputation, which in turn depends on how satisfied your customers are with your products and services for the price they have paid. Profitability is driven from your price margin, which in turn depends on your cost base. We can help you get this equation right and take your business forward.


A company’s profitability is heavily driven by its reputation and reputation depends on the customer experience. However, if your competitors provide similar products or services at lower price or if your price margins are too tight, your profitability and cash flow is at risk. Business and Strategy Consultancy is about defining the right Business Model for your company and then the strategy for successfully delivering that Business Model.

Our Approach

There are many methods and approaches that are offered by consultancies to define a company’s strategy. In a fast changing world though, the key ingredient is to be get moving quickly and be flexible to adapt as the market environment changes.

We have designed an Accelerated Strategy© Approach to defining your Business Model and Strategy that ensures:

  • An accelerated definition, enabling  early action with the benefit of market feedback
  • The highest Service Levels at the lowest operating costs, driving profitability
  • Aligned processes and offering to your product/service proposition, driving customer satisfaction
  • An easy refresh, enabling a quick response to changes in the market




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