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Our risk based approach is compatible with any organisation’s preferred methodology, and has been developed to ensure successful delivery of IT systems, infrastructure, and business change to achieve your business goals.


A programme is a temporary flexible organisation structure created to coordinate, direct and oversee the implementation of a collection of related projects and activities identified by an organisation as necessary to deliver defined objectives, outcomes and benefits. The objectives, or goals, of a programme are typically of a strategic nature aimed at achieving benefits and improvements in a particular part of or the whole of the organisation’s operation.

Programme Management and Project Management are closely related because, as explained by ILX

ilx“a programme is made up of projects and is only successful if the projects within it succeed. The concept of a programme is that it should deliver more than the ‘sum of its parts’. In other words, without Programme Management, the projects would probably still be able to deliver their particular outcomes but these would not be co-ordinated or integrated into the achievement of a strategic business goal.”

Our Approach

There are a number of methodologies for Programme Management, but unlike Project Management the list is a lot shorter! The two main methodologies are (1) MSP TM (Managing Successful Programmes) which is the UK standard developed by OGC, the Office of Government Commerce and since 2010 owned the Cabinet Office (MSP® is a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office) and (2) The Standard for Program Management which is the dominant standard used in the USA.

As with project management, many organisations have developed their own methodologies which can be derivatives of one of these standards or an independent methodology developed over time by the practices of the organisation. And as with all methodologies, there is a level of maturity in the way the methodologies are actually applied by any individual group or organisation.

Acceler8 Consultancy has developed a risk based approach which is compatible with any organisation’s preferred methodology and culture, and has been developed to ensure successful delivery of any programme covering any combination of IT system, capital infrastructure, process and organisational change.

This approach is based on 5 key components for ensuring success, transparency and control, the STC© Programme Management Approach, a sure way to achieve your business goals.


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